Rubicon Blockchain is a platform that grants structured access to validated data

     Rubicon Blockchain is a platform that grants structured access to validated data, collected into data flows through access points, which form an integrated network of distributed data storage. 

    The access to data flows is gained through access points, which allow Users to enter Rubicon. Each point of access is categorized by its role in the network and its relevant rights. This platform is HyperledgerFabric-based.

     Our key objective for Rubicon Blockchain is to simplify the development and market entry of the distributed storage technology and data validation services. For this, we have developed frameworks that quickly model Blockchain business processes as well as easy deployment, managment and monitoring of a Blockchain network.

     We lowered the entry requirements to such a level that any individual with no technical background could create a Blockchain network relying solely on his/her professional background and without involving a big number of experienced professionals.

      Rubicon Blockchain allows deploying independent Blockchain and uniting them into integrated clusters to enable network interaction. In fact, one may talk of infinite multitude of Blockchain networks interacting through common data flows, but each oriented at unique business tasks.



    The CRYPTOENTER© payment system is powered by the HYPERLEDGER Fabric blockchain infrastructure.

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Rubicon Blockchain

    Ribicon Blockchain is a platform that grants structured access to validated data

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    A service for conducting ICO campaigns: issue tokens to attract investment and audit expenses.

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    The IoTNet platform consists of hardware and software components.

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