The CRYPTOENTER© payment system is powered by the HYPERLEDGER Fabric blockchain infrastructure, so it provides public and private modes of access to data, as well as distributed and secure storage of information.

The CRYPTOENTER© blockchain-based payment system can be used both as a private system for a company or a group of companies or as a public system. The system will be settled and integrated according to your specific tasks.

The CRYPTOENTER© blockchain-based payment system addresses the following needs of companies:

Functions and features of CRYPTOENTER© 

Smart contracts ensure:

The CRYPTOENTER© blockchain payment solution offers the following competitive advantages:



    The CRYPTOENTER© payment system is powered by the HYPERLEDGER Fabric blockchain infrastructure.

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Rubicon Blockchain

    Ribicon Blockchain is a platform that grants structured access to validated data

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    A service for conducting ICO campaigns: issue tokens to attract investment and audit expenses.

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    The IoTNet platform consists of hardware and software components.

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