Open FinTech Forum

9 oct 2018

Dear Sir\Madam

SMART BLOCK LABORATORY company, is honoured to invite you to the Open FinTech Forum to attend the CRYPTOENTER© Project presentation on October 10 -11, 2018 in New York at the 2Below Conference Center at Credit Suisse. The Forum focuses on the integration of financial services and building cutting-edge internal open source programmes, including AI, Blockchain/Distributed Ledger and Kubernetes/Containers.

For further details, please visit:

CRYPTOENTER© platform provides safety to transactions and payments with cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies and crypto values (consider other term or just rephrase).

The Plattform users could be both physical and legal entities, the Bank's customers, as well as the Bank itself.

We are sure that you, being a global Bank / Investor, would be interested to learn about new opportunities for interaction between financial market players. We are creating a new infrastructure that will certainly find its user, given the immense global interest in new tools and methods for sharing information.

Please, find the presentations of the SmartBlock Laboratory company and the project CRYPTOENTER (C) attached below. Should you have any further queries, do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to meeting you in person.