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What’s happened: Hyperledger , an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies, announced today that 11 new organizations have joined the project. As a multi-project, multi-stakeholder effort, Hyperledger incubates nine business blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, including Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Iroha, Hyperledger Indy, Hyperledger Burrow, Hyperledger Quilt and Hyperledger Sawtooth, among others.

What we say: "We're thrilled to join Hyperledger and are proud to be part of this effort to create an open standard for distributed ledger technology," said Pavel Lvov , Founder and CEO, Smart Block Laboratory. "We at Smart Block Laboratory , as a business partner of IBM, believe blockchain is the next evolution in how data will be stored and shared and we're looking forward to working with this diverse community. Hyperledger membership will definitely provide us with the opportunity to onrush our newest CRYPTOENTER blockchain-based payment system and IoTNet platform, which is powered by Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology."

What we do: After a year of in-depth R&D, in Q2 in 2018 Smart Block Laboratory came up with a unique Hyperledger-based platform “Rubicon Blockchain” and CRYPTOENTER© service.

    The development of Rubicon Blockchain based services is one of the main aims of Smart Block Laboratory. Having completed development and performance test, each service will be distributed to its corresponding business department. Service development and promotion will be conducted together with the selected strategic partners.

Services currently in development:

CRYPTOENTER - a payment service integrating banks into a Blockchain network for financial transfers.

ICONet - an ICO service integrating lawyers, audit and notary offices into a Blockchain network for ICO token release and holding an ICO campaigns for their clients.

IoTNet – IoT management and accounting service (TV, laptop and other devices controllers). IoT creates a consolidated Blockchain network for electronics manufacturers, outlet chains and financial enterprises

ContractNet is a service for contract signing intended for goods and services provision. It is a Blockchain network, linking legal, audit and notary offices for transaction validation and audit, signed between parties.

ShopNet - a Blockchain network for the internet stores, logistics companies and post-offices. The service ensures logistics, warehousing and sales management, as well as ensures the ownership rights for the purchased product.

LegalNet - a service for signing purchase/sale agreements. LegalNet is a blockchain network that integrates services of law firms, notary offices and registers of rights for validation and business deals audit.