Smart Block Laboratory

was founded in Moscow, Russia in 2017. Our company is the team of professionals: computer scientists, software developers and engineers, who are passionate about such cutting edge IT-technologies as: Blockchain, IoT, BigData, Cloud computing.

Specializes in software development and providing services in distributed warehousing and data validation on a hardware level, i.e. Blockchain projects.

After a year of in-depth R&D, in Q2 in 2018 Smart Block Laboratory came up with a unique Hyperledger-based platform “Rubicon Blockchain” and CRYPTOENTER© service.

This led to expanding our R&D scope and including the sphere of hardware distributed storage and data validation. Thus, the aim of our newly opened department is to analyze and develop Rubicon Blockchain software and CRYPTOENTER© service at the hardware level.



    The CRYPTOENTER© payment system is powered by the HYPERLEDGER Fabric blockchain infrastructure.

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Rubicon Blockchain

    Ribicon Blockchain is a platform that grants structured access to validated data

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    A service for conducting ICO campaigns: issue tokens to attract investment and audit expenses.

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    The IoTNet platform consists of hardware and software components.

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